A girl who was suffering from agonising stomach pains in hospital was discovered to be riddled with tape worms, after her mother had made her eat them to lose weight before a beauty pageant.

At first, nurses thought the teenage girl could be pregnant when she was admitted to an emergency room in Florida, USA, with severe stomach pain, but an ultrasound showed that she was not.

Nurses did find that her intestines were swollen however, and after taking a trip to the toilet, they discovered the real source of her pain.

“It was a toilet bowl full of tapeworms,” Maricar Cabral-Osorio, a nurse who had attended the girl, told the TV programmeUntold Stories of the E.R.

“It was so gross, she had pooped all these tapeworms. There were a couple that were very long and wiggling around trying to get out of the toilet bowl,” she said.

The story came to light when the show aired on Discovery’s ‘Fit & Health’ channel, reported United Press International.

It emerged on the show that the mother had bought tapeworm eggs and in Mexico and forced her daughter to take them in order to lose weight ahead of a beauty pageant.

“We were wondering, how did she get those tapeworms? And then you saw the mom turn white,” Cabral-Osorio added.

“The mom was apologizing to the girl. It’s like, ‘I’m so sorry. You know, I did it just to make you a little skinnier. You needed some help before we went on the pageant’,” she added.

It is not known whether the mother faced criminal charges as a result of her actions or not.



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A Tale of Two Asses: Why Can’t Comics Learn?


Let’s walk through the scenario - A large comic publisher seems to have an opportunity or desire to expand their readership to include more women and thus increase revenue. They issue a cover that shows one of their female characters in a highly sexual pose with a distorted ass.

You may think I am discussing this week’s web explosion over Milo Manara’s variant of the first issue of Spider-Woman. But I could just as well be discussing the 0 issue of Catwoman from two years ago.

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Ladies, I read comics as a young girl and this type of art is just one reason as to why I have a distorted body image STILL at the age of 31. Manara, how the HELL you gonna draw a woman that has an ass that looks like a separate pair of bountiful breasts? I have NEVER seen an ass that looks like that and if you have, you’ve seen some fucked up shit.

Come together, comic book lady readers. NO WAIT come together ALL comic book readers and don’t buy into this bull shit. I’m all about being sexy but come on. This is absurd.

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Anonymous said: Is it racist that a white, 20 year old unarmed kid was shot by a black cop on Monday, Aug 18, 3 days ago and its no where in the news? Oh wait, it happens all the time, its just not newsworthy. Sucks to be white.


Dear Racists: I know you’re going to to be trotting this out in the next few days claiming that this shows how white people are just as badly treated as black people in the US (though, of course, the idea that “it happens all the time” to white people is, of course, a ridiculous and disgusting lie).

But guess what, fuckheads, as usual, you’re wrong as fuck. The reason this tragedy isn’t national news is because, surprise surprise, a similar (ish) shooting of a white teenager by a black cop is being handled by the authorities completely differently! That’s right, you dumbfucks, this officer is being immediately and vigorously investigated, the officer’s name was released, the victim wasn’t denied medical care, nor was his body left on the street for hours. It’s almost like we treat black and white people differently in our justice system! And if you want to argue that the fucking Salt Lake City PD (oh shit, was I able to read about this case in the NATIONAL NEWS?!?!?! ) is racist against white people, you are fucking out of your mind.

So, nice try, you asshole, I know you were salivating over finding a case to compare this to Mike Brown, but, even with this timing, you’re not even fucking close to proving your racist “point.”

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tru dat

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Farrakhan does not fear man. Amen.

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this was in response to what happened at my university, James Madison.

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"People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biologic of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable."

Our Bodies, Ourselves.

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